Reporting dashboard

Usage data reporting feature

Reporting feature that provides users with high level usage metrics for services they are subscribed to. This was built using React, Material-UI, and Highcharts (for the graphs). Some of the written content is anonymised due to data sensitivity.

Change password feature
Change password feature - error
Site menu
Landing page

Website components

Various React components developed as part of a subscription and services management site.

Reporting dashboard 1 Reporting dashboard 2

Website components - detailed data reporting

Reporting feature that transformed user experience from receiving CSV reports to interactive visualisations. The written content is anonymised due to data sensitivity.

EMERGE - physical shape-changing bar chart

The EMERGE project involved building a shape-changing physical, and also dynamic bar chart. Imagine if on-screen 3D bar chart visualisations came to life as physical bars which you can interact with. EMERGE is made up of 100 motor controlled plastic bars, illuminated by RGB LED lights, custom-made circuit boards, and 3 Arduinos. The software consists of a C# back-end, a JavaScript front-end, a Node server, gelled together using websocket communication.

The project enabled me to gain a signficant amount of experience in leading and managing a large scale project, CAD modelling (i.e. Autodesk Inventor), fabrication using laser cutting and 3D printing for bespoke parts, working with various materials, developing a Node.js application combined with websockets, and lots and lots of soldering (and burning my fingers slightly).

floor display

Website - floor display

I developed website to showcase the Floor Display - an augmented reality advertising display that uses interactive projections to engage with customers.

shapeclip 1 shapeclip 2

Website - Shapeclip

This website showcased and provided resources for ShapeClip, a project that aimed to simplify the process of prototyping shape-changing interfaces.

shape-changing interfaces

Website - shape-changing interfaces

I developed a Wordpress site to disseminate work on shape-changing interfaces. The goal was to enable researchers and developers of shape-changing interfaces to have access to a resource where they can easily find previous work. I also designed the icons on the website using Illustrator.

business management system

Website - business management system

While I was self-employed, I developed and deployed a business management system for an engineering company. The web-based system was designed to enable the company administrators, employees, and partners to manage jobs, enquiries, quotes, purchase orders, and log timesheets.